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Re: retry=

2011-10-25 04:49:14

On 25 October 2011 03:49, Hector wrote:

Minutes granularity is not sufficient.  There are
many servers that use less than 1 minute blocking
time. e.g.; we use 55 seconds for our GL
implementation as the default stock value out of
the box.

Rounding up is okay, it's actually a good idea.  I'd
understand why "not now, and not before X" (minutes
or hours) can be helpful.  But seconds are IMO only
good for the well-known hh:mm:ss format; no chance
to confuse hh:mm with mm:ss.

Using only mmm (minutes, rounded up) instead of the
hh:mm:ss or DD-hh:mm:ss formats could make it clearer
that this is a time _span_ and not a time _stamp_.

Or only ssss (seconds, generously rounded up to avoid
silly states in the direction of "not now, come back
in one second".)


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