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Re: I-D SMTP Extension for Greylisting

2011-10-25 13:56:46

On 25 October 2011 20:31, Hector wrote:

retrytime  = "retry=" min-secs ["-" max-secs]

min-secs   = 1*digits   ; minimum blocking time
max-secs   = 1*digits   ; optional retry expiration

Makes sense if the server has a plan *when* it intends
to purge pending triplets.  And <max-secs> certainly
could need more than 6 digits; and my suggestion that
6 digits fit into an ushort works only in a parallel
universe with "ternary bits" where they'll use Ipv4
forever squeezing three digits 0, 1, and "" (void) in
a single bit...

-Frank (needs more coffee)