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retry=min-max [was Re: I-D SMTP Extension for Greylisting]

2011-10-25 15:03:16

Frank Ellermann wrote:
On 25 October 2011 20:31, Hector wrote:

retrytime  = "retry=" min-secs ["-" max-secs]

min-secs   = 1*digits   ; minimum blocking time
max-secs   = 1*digits   ; optional retry expiration

Makes sense if the server has a plan *when* it intends
to purge pending triplets.

I will venture most Greylisting Servers had followed Harris's original whitepaper which included a record expiration offering a time window for the MTA to retry.

   Implementation Specification

   In order to implement the Greylisting method, we will use some
   form of database to hold a few pieces of information about a
specific mail relationship that is keyed off of the triplet described above:

   The time that the triplet was first seen (record create time)
   The time that the blocking of this triplet will expire
   The time that the record itself will expire (for aging old records)
   The number of delivery attempts that have been blocked
   The number of emails we have successfully passed

Our particular GL server stock setting covers the top three items:

  Expire.block    55         # secs to block greylisted senders
  Expire.record   2880       # mins to expire recording
  Expire.pack     96         # hours to delete records and pack DB

The initial block is 55 seconds, 2 days of monitoring it and 4 days when the backend automatically packs the database which can grow pretty fast when 60% of the senders are "single shot" senders. What is fascination is that 60% is pretty consistent with most of the customers providing their logs for review.

I guess, technically, given a proposed SMTP Extension for Greylisting, the tracking time limit (expire.record) of a triplet SHOULD match RFC5321 recommendation of allowing a MTA a 4-5 days time window to delivery the mail.