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Proposal: SMTP Ext - Base protocol for structured responses

2011-10-29 15:11:12

SM wrote:

That's a pretty strong argument in favour of creating something new rather than overloading something old. But that too runs headlong into likely interoperability concerns. There's a bit of induced paralysis there that needs to be overcome.


I would say that it is more about adoption than interoperability. There is also "domain of applicability" to consider. It can help in addressing interoperability concerns or even protocol "violations".

Someone else suggested nothing parses SMTP replies beyond the three digits. That's not true in ESMTP; the enhanced status codes (if used) and the reply to EHLO itself are structured. It's not true in pure SMTP either, where I think some of the replies are specified beyond the three digits (the 220 greeting, the reply to HELO, and the 221 message, as I recall).

The keyword is "structured text".

It seems to me that once this door is open (wider) to begin developed new SMTP methods, that it may be a good idea to create a base protocol that will define a particular text based data structure all new methods can use consistently. This will allow a SMTP client to single source its parsing code for all applications.

Just winging it, but the I-D

May start with the ABNF

   *(tag "=" value [ ";" / SP ])

Even a consideration to use JSON syntax where solid parsers already exist in all major languages.

With rules such as where it can places in the text string:

    - end of the line only?
    - Anywhere, but after any Extended Codes?
    - Last line for multiple line responses?

This can really help in other areas too:

    - offer a "url=" tag for references,
- Some already mention the idea of exposing server info/limits and a MX= hint

and without a doubt open the door for new great SMTP client/server negotiation ideas using a structured text response syntax.

Don't wish to suggest more work for Murray, but it sounds like to something Murray can quickly create with his experience creating other base format RFC protocols.


Hector Santos
jabber: hector(_at_)jabber(_dot_)isdg(_dot_)net

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