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Re: FW: I-D Action: draft-kucherawy-received-state-00.txt

2011-11-16 02:38:46


I read the document.  My comments.

I guess the irony here is that when I got your post, I was actually working precisely at the moment, on a new ID clause algorithm because of a new change in our receiver model would lose the uniqueness of the ID. :)

Anyway, after reading the memo and its intent, I immediately saw it may present a "chicken and egg" design implementation issue for receivers models that will record the Received field into a temporary spool file and append the data payload into it. They either have to split the capturing of information, do the STATE processing result, and then merge it for a final spool file.

For example, for our receiver, when a new mail transaction is started (at MAIL), a new file is created:

    hMailFile - holds the final result merging of meta headers and email.

This file would have the ENVELOPE records as the client goes thru MAIL to RCPT, etc. When the DATA is reached before the 354 responses is issued:

   1.0 - Received Line is written to hMailFile
2.0 - Any Received-SPF field is written (from MAIL/RCPT shims) to hMailFile

So at this point, it contains:

   [ENV-AUTH information, if any]
   Received: required hop trace line
   Received-SPF: (if any)


   3.0 - PayLoad DATA was captured and written into hMailFile

WITH MEW DATA FILTERING DESIGNS (i.e. DKIM validation) were added:

   3.0 - A new file hDataFile is created for receiving the payload DATA
   3.1 - RFC822/2822/5322 enforcement/corrections are done
   3.2 - DATA FILTERS create any META fields (i.e. AUTH-RES) are added
         to hMailFile
   3.3 - hDataFile is rewound and written to hMailFile

To implement this I-D trace State clause, the code change is significant. Off hand, 1.0 and 2.0 would need to be delayed and moved to step 3.2 with an ORDER concept depending on what it is.

   3.2  DATA FILTERS create meta fields, if any, for example

           RECEIVED-SPF.META             - already done at MAIL/RCPT
           RECEIVER-STATE.META           - done at DATA

3.2.1 Before added the Received field, check for RECEIVER-STATE.META and
         add the clause or create/regenerate the Received field
   3.2.2 Add the adjusted Received field to hMailFile
   3.2.3 Add any other meta field to hMailFile


For the SMTP receivers models of all kinds will be presented with code changes that will require delaying the adding of the initial MTA receiver hop trace. It will depend on how they are doing it, but IMO, a different field would probably easier to implement if it can be safe to assume a "Received-State" field would follow the MTA Received hop stamping and no ordering issues are involved.

It also can't be assumed that models who currently add their own headers, X-SPAM stuff, for example, outside the main SMTP processing, will be changed in order to coordinate a new chicken and egg design issue to order and consolidate the information for the top single MTA hop trace line.


Hector Santos
jabber: hector(_at_)jabber(_dot_)isdg(_dot_)net

Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:
As previously discussed.  Feedback would be quite welcome.



I-D Action: draft-kucherawy-received-state-00.txt
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A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts directories.

        Title           : Indicating Email Handling States in Trace Fields
        Author(s)       : D. Crocker
                          Murray S. Kucherawy
        Filename        : draft-kucherawy-received-state-00.txt
        Pages           : 7
        Date            : 2011-11-15

   This memo registers a trace field clause for use in indicating
   transitions between handling queues, including enacting inter-host
   message transitions.  This might include message quarantining,
   mailing list moderation, timed delivery, or other similar causes.

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