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RE: FW: I-D Action: draft-kucherawy-received-state-00.txt

2011-11-17 22:57:35

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I agree with Bill McQuillan's remarks. If the server knows at the time
it receives the message that there is going to be a delay then it can
include the new clause in its usual Received: header. Otherwise it'll
have to add a new header. Would it be OK to edit the previously-added

I think RFC5321 says clearly that you're not supposed to do that ever.  Adding 
another one is more appropriate.

The examples all have syntax errors. Received: sub-fields have a
prescribed order.

Ah right.  Will fix those.

I think held-for would be a better (more descriptive) keyword than

Hmm, maybe.  Anyone else have an opinion on the name?