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Re: [ietf-smtp] syntax (was: SMTP Greylisting ...)

2019-02-10 13:13:20
On Sun, Feb 10, 2019, Hector Santos wrote:

  C: MAIL FROM: <user1(_at_)example1(_dot_)com>

PLEASE use the correct syntax!

  C: RCPT TO: <local(_dot_)user(_at_)localhost(_dot_)example(_dot_)com>

RFC 5321
      MAIL FROM:<reverse-path> [SP <mail-parameters> ] <CRLF>
      RCPT TO:<forward-path> [ SP <rcpt-parameters> ] <CRLF>

   Since it has been a common source of errors, it is worth noting that
   spaces are not permitted on either side of the colon following FROM
   in the MAIL command or TO in the RCPT command.  The syntax is exactly
   as given above.

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