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Re: [ietf-smtp] Proposal: Updating VERP Specification

2019-12-09 09:26:45
I tried to contact the original editor/author of the VERP draft:

550 5.1.1 <mrsam(_at_)concentric(_dot_)net>... User unknown

Anyone know if the author is still around the IETF?  A different address?



On 12/6/2019 1:05 PM, Hector Santos wrote:
On 12/6/2019 9:30 AM, Hector Santos wrote:

To me, the VERP specification should be updated. In fact, from what I
can see, there is no RFC for it.  It is an expired individual DRAFT
1999 submission.

I think we would be better off updating VERP making an official
RFC, probably as Standards Track item.

I only see an 1999 I-D submission:

This spec still refers to RFC821/822 and makes no mentioning of
dealing with VERP addresses exceeding 821 limits.

I would like to suggest that this be updated to current operational
considerations and RFC5321 limits, including exploring the addition of
using an encryption method, i.e. TripleDES or AES, to possibly reduce
and help keep VERP-encoded addresses sizes within the SMTP address


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