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Re: [ietf-smtp] Proposal: Updating VERP Specification

2019-12-11 09:30:48
Hi Sam,

I was working on a draft which is why this whole discussion started.  You
can read the full discussion here

My draft
mainly focuses on relaxing the local-part email address 64 character
limitation set by RFC 821 / 2821 / 5321, but covers both VERP and SRS for
informational purposes.

Your draft <>
seems like trying to solve the bandwidth wastage problem introduced by
VERP. It also covers VERP address structure. I like your proposal by the

In my opinion, the problem with VERP addresses is not the overall email
address length limitation, but it's the 64 character local-part limitation.
VERP addresses becomes problematic when the end user pick longer

If implementations start to adopt your VERP extension, that's a good thing
especially for large mail services since it's saves plenty of bandwidth. So
feel free to use the content from my draft in your proposal.


On Wed, Dec 11, 2019 at 5:44 PM Sam Varshavchik 

Hector Santos writes:


Well, It looks like your 1999 VERP ESMTP add-on has been well-received
widely implemented.  Great work! Would you be interested in updating
Does posting the nroff source suggest you wish to pass it on?

I didn't know if someone was already working on the updated draft, or
and might find my old work useful. If so, that's fine; otherwise I can
certainly spend some time working on this.

Others here can tell you better, XML2RFC appears to the current
IETF tool for I-D submissions. It gets all the IETF process related
prepared for you, including new legalese stuff.

Maybe the nroff source can be used as input to XML2RFC where you can use
outliner/editor to output IETF I-D submission ready-file formats. There
also new GitHub work going to help with collaboration and version
Your email address was found at your github page, so I thought GitHub
may interest you.

Took a brief look at the xml2rfc page, I can work with that. It shouldn't
difficult to convert my old nroff source to XML. Is there a standalone
to generate HTML or text from the XML source, somewhere?

I couldn't quite make out what's going on with ietf-and-github, but, in
general, I can collaborate via github too.

For now, I'll take my nroff source and convert it to XML, then figure out
what to do next.

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Best Regards,

Viruthagiri Thirumavalavan
Dombox, Inc.
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