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Re: [ietf-smtp] Possible contribution to moving forward with RFC5321bis SMTP

2020-01-01 12:42:16
In article 
<994e7a23-9e80-4751-6067-8863ad0ee72f(_at_)network-heretics(_dot_)com> you 
And since this would be entirely new practice, it would at least be 
possible to require Organization Validation or Extended Validation 
certificates as a condition of accepting mail, or more likely, as a 
condition of not pessimizing mail... and/or set up email-specific CAs 
for the purpose of authenticating SMTP clients.

It's still a WKBI.  Whitelisting by source doesn't work at scale, and
for source scoring, I don't see any reason that a cert would tell you
anything more useful than an IP and a host name.  It's not like we have
any trouble now telling when mail is coming from Google or Yahoo or
the university down the road.


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