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Re: [ietf-smtp] Possible cont4ibution to moving forward with RFC5321bis SMTP

2020-01-02 11:41:44
On 1/2/2020 12:18 PM, Keith Moore wrote:
On 1/2/20 10:47 AM, Hector Santos wrote:

With hosted end-users, the false positives seen with NATs has been
addressed with the SUBMIT protocol or some other client
authentication that raised the SMTP bar and allowed for receiver

In these days of complete IPv4 address space exhaustion, it can not be
safely assumed that there is no NAT between the MSA and the MX SMTP


My approach is how to deal with the exceptions to a well-defined SMTP protocol element. The good intention exceptions will normally address the issue promptly, reports are made, including server whitelisting, client authentication, etc. The bad intention exceptions don't give a hoot.

So by applying frontend SMTP compliancy-based osmosis filters first, you will expect to see fast detection and correction of the good stream, leaving behind the bad stream and less complaints. That is exactly what has happen, what I have experienced, my customers have experienced, in the 17 years of applying these SMTP compliancy filters.



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