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Re: [ietf-smtp] Stray <LF> in the middle of messages

2020-06-08 11:23:02
On Mon 08/Jun/2020 16:03:49 +0200 Hector Santos wrote:
While the *nix or Mac may store the email in their native format, when it 
to SMTP transmission of the DATA payload , they MUST translate  it to a
<CR><LF> format. In principle, all compliant SMTP senders and receiver MUST
conform to the <CR><LF> end of line terminator.

CRLF is required for IMAP and POP too.  The inconvenience is having to compute
the length of the message, in octets.  The FS can only tell how many octets the
native format takes.  One has to add the number of lines.  Storing that info in
the file name is a possibility, if you don't have a dedicated FS.


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