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Re: [ietf-smtp] Curious, with this now being associated to emailcore, should list name change?

2020-07-21 11:10:35
Microsoft and Windows does not have a copyright with "X-" junk headers.

Junk is generated from everywhere, including from the *nix weenies camp & especially from Google and the IETF creating protocols with useless overhead. You, yourself, have added a new "X-" header with "X-Original-From" while making 5322.From useless to fix a mess you are partly responsible for where more DKIM signatures and related patch work headers are expected to be needed. Let just wait for ARC per node wasted overhead to be widely spilled over into the email network. I already have plans for it but not what you think:

Today, the majority of headers are useless information to the MDA. The most important are:


Just like it has always has been since the beginning of electronic communications time.

Networking headers like Reply-To: are needed too. MIME headers will be needed for rendering.

For the record, our mail software, "older than dirt," has two modes, one to keep a raw "as is" import storage and one to import/convert into a proprietary format where unnecessary RFC5322 headers are pruned. Once mail is received by the MDA, validated, spam or otherwise, all the extra overhead is not needed.

Hector Santos,

On 7/20/2020 2:27 PM, John Levine wrote:
In article <B7E061A14E80279E1E14D92F@PSB> you write:
It is interesting that every one of these starts in "X-".

Presumably, by putting "X-" in front of their field names, the
perpetrators believe that they are exempt, not only from the
registry and its rules, but any rules at all. ...

No, they heard somewhere that you put x- in front of header names you
make up and the only registry they know about is the one in MS

I did a similar sweep through my mail archive and found 1388 different
headers, all but 144 of which start with x-. Here's the longest ones,
all of which thoughtfully tell who to blame:


My experience with people from Microsoft is that they are plenty smart
but often have no idea what they don't know. It might be productive to
make a few queries and see if we can encourage them to register them a
provisional names so at least there's less chance of collision.

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