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Re: [ietf-smtp] Curious, with this now being associated to emailcore, should list name change?

2020-07-20 21:55:12
In article <7ffe3864-d553-7071-3552-4e0ee732dcea(_at_)linuxmagic(_dot_)com> you 
If we see these headers on inbound traffic, they are 'stripped' as we 
know they shouldn't really exist in the wild in MTA->MTA traffic, and 
they no longer can be trusted..

That's probably OK. I can sort of imagine a situtation where you have
a customer who is annoyed at you because he was using the same header
names for something that a friend sends him and and those headers
always disappear.

If they start with something like x-linuxmagic- or just linuxmagix-
I'd say you can ignore chance of innocent collision.


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