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Re: [ietf-smtp] Curious, with this now being associated to emailcore, should list name change?

2020-07-19 05:18:56
On 19/07/2020 03:04, E Sam wrote:
I think a header value limit for important headers stored in overview
systems (From:, To:, Newsgroups:, Bcc:, etc...) could be a good
idea... this could be difficult but it is something that we could
consider - I don't know if there is already something out there that
already sets the rules for this and I don't know about it. SMTP
software developers  - anyone from EXIM, Sendmail, OpenSMTPD, or
Postfix on this list can elaborate if they want in my reply.

Exim limits the aggregate size of the headers of a message; this
implicitly limits any single header.

The limit is changeable in the configuration file; the default
is 1MB.

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