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Re: [ietf-smtp] Curious, with this now being associated to emailcore, should list name change?

2020-07-19 01:19:24

--On Saturday, July 18, 2020 22:04 -0400 E Sam
<winshell64(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com> wrote:

Time zones, etc., permitting, please try to participate.  Much
of the BOF is precisely about deciding what is in or out of

I'll try my best. Would I see the meeting link here or will I
see it after I purchase my registration to IETF 108?

The IETF isn't nearly as good at keeping secrets as your
question suggests might be possible.  The main meeting page
(which you will probably have to go to in order to pay or ask
for a waiver) is at .
Under "Agendas and Meeting Materials", you will find links to
the agenda.  To save you navigating that if it is all you need,
there is an agenda at  If you scroll
it down to find the emailcore entry.  Clicking on "emailcore"
will get the proposed charger, clicking on "    Revision of core
Email specifications" will get the current agenda, and the
little row of icons to the right include the meeting link as the
next-to-last entry ("Meetecho video stream").  

All pretty straightforward once one gets used to it.  Getting
used to it is another matter but just keep asking questions and
you will find that many people are willing to help.


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