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2004-09-14 10:09:35
From: Scott W Brim 

WG status or become RFCs, people have to work very hard to find out if a
particular draft is outdated.  This is a major factor in their depending
on wrong information.  So, instead of trying to suppress information,
which we can't, we should create and offer the meta-information people
need to avoid mistakes.  

That should include the meta-information that the draft being sought
expired without being advanced.  Today it is hard for the uninitiated
to distinguish expired drafts that led to BCPs or standards track
RFCs from the expired drafts about encoding more than 4,294,967,296
addresses in 32 bits in order to avoid the hassles of IPv6.

Vernon Schryver    vjs(_at_)rhyolite(_dot_)com

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