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Re: from the horse's mouth

2005-11-01 07:36:38

On 29 Oct 2005, at 09:05, Brian E Carpenter wrote:

Eduardo Mendez wrote:

Why not to coordinate with local ISOC Chapters?

Local ISOC members are as welcome to attend the IETF
as anyone else. To my knowledge, ISOC France organized
an evening activity during the Paris IETF, for example.

I organised with support of UCL (Jon Crowcroft in particular) for ISOC England a number of lunchtime lectures and other activities alongside IETF London which many members of IETF contributed to by delivering lectures and so forth.

We also attracted an audience from outside IETF as well which helped bridge some communication gaps.

This type of awareness activity is well worth doing particularly when IETF meets outside its usual stomping grounds.


Christian de Larrinaga

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