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Re: from the horse's mouth

2005-11-02 03:35:15

--On onsdag, november 02, 2005 06:25:03 +0100 Eliot Lear <lear(_at_)cisco(_dot_)com> wrote:

It would seem to me that the market as always will be the ultimate
arbiter.  If people can't use the work or don't find it palatable they
won't.  Arguably the decruft experiment demonstrated this in some cases.

Remember that the market has also chosen Microsoft Outlook..... I *still* refuse to accept that model as a CHI model that works for me.

Sometimes written opinions from CHI experts might also help to prevent
networking Edsels, if you would.

Having people invite comments from CHI experts - and having IETF people respect those comments when they arrive! - would be a Good Thing.


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