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Re: Last Call: draft-freed-sieve-environment (Sieve Email Filtering: Environment Extension) to Proposed Standard

2008-03-18 12:16:33

Ned Freed wrote:
This actually isn't true. Some Sieve implementations, including ours, operate
 before final delivery. (Usually just before.) Others operate just after. And
in the imap-sieve case there is now a situation where Sieve can be executate
LONG after final delivery.


and FYI:


Figure 5 shows a Sieve specification going from the rMUA to the MDA. However
filtering can be done at many different points along the transit path and any
one or more of them might be subject to Sieve directives, especially within a
single ADMD. Hence the Figure shows only one relationship, for (relative)

The document inches ever-closer to finalization, with the intent of 
standardization, but the contents represent pretty good community consensus 
and the portion about SIEVE isn't controversial.  I believe it never has been.


   Dave Crocker
   Brandenburg InternetWorking
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