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Re: IAOC requesting input on (potential) meeting cities

2017-04-10 17:02:09
On 4/10/2017 11:54 AM, Carsten Bormann wrote:
“In the short to medium term, I think the answer is going to be avoiding all but absolutely essential 
travel to the United States,” Hall [a UK lawyer] added. “I’m aware of at least one conference 
on cyber security and ethical hacking which switched to Toronto at short notice because of these concerns.”

That is, arguably looking like the safest, reasonable line of advice.

However for an organization like the IETF that seeks to meet in a variety of places around the globe, things could get even more challenging if there is a pattern of retaliatory actions by other countries, against visitors from the US.

(This is separate from the existing concern for long-term visitors to the US' question of leaving for a meeting and having problems returning to the US.)

It is fast looking as if the ability to sustain a large and very well-attended network of interconnected remote hubs might become a necessity rather than merely an appealing alternative...

Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking

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