Re: Idea for the future

2000-12-02 09:55:27

Gerry Hickman <gerry1(_at_)dircon(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk> writes:

 % > > Yes, a good point and I imagine it would be tricky to support all
 % > > the database variants across a range of platforms.

 % > DBI is a pretty good absrtaction layer for this sort of thing.  Not
 % > great as far as XML is concerned, but fairly transparent for the
 % > rest.

 % Do you know if this would work with Microsoft SQL server?

 % Your PHP idea is certainly interesting and is half way to what I was
 % aiming for in the original post. I guess I could set up a similar system
 % on NT using parsers and ASP, but it's a lot of messing with flat files,
 % hence my preference for the DB approach.

 There are many variations of the database -> glue language -> Web page

 You could use any of the following:


 Glue language:
      Perl + cgi
      Perl + asp
      Visual Basic + Asp
      C++ + cgi

 DBI is a perl package that is able to hide something of which
 database you are using, so that you can switch between them.

 PHP,coldfusion and such languages are designed to make it "easy"
 to get at data in a database.

 Visual Basic + ASP on NT systems is designed to be able to do the
 same thing. 

 But I have always found NT mail processing to be substandard
 and so I have stayed away from it for this type of thing.


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