Re: Idea for the future

2000-12-02 19:33:24
On 30 Nov 00 at 19:45, Gerry Hickman wrote:

What about an xml database and use easily-maintained xsl to control
presentation, and:

Yes, this is the model being pushed by Microsoft at present and
has awesome potential.

Potential, yes: but it'll take a long time to realise that potential.

If Nielsen's estimates are even partially correct, it'll be several
years more before we can rely on XML-compliant browswers being
sufficiently widespread to allow the use of XML without shutting out
lot of users.

It's very attractive approach, but early adopters are likely to
find many disgruntled users, unless there is some server-side
parseing to re-render the XML as HTML.   And I don't see much
conceptual difference between that approach and using a more
formal database.

Best wishes,

Claire McNab -- Claire(_at_)siberia(_dot_)demon(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk