Re: Idea for the future

2000-12-02 11:25:18

Gerry Hickman <gerry1(_at_)dircon(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk> writes:

 % >  But I have always found NT mail processing to be substandard
 % >  and so I have stayed away from it for this type of thing.

 % Not sure what you mean here. Do you mean Perl parsers aren't as quick on
 % NT or that NT is not very good as a mail server?

 The mail server programs that run on NT do not seem to have
 the robustness and flexibility that I am used to in a 
 traditional unix environment.

 Perhaps I am too much of a sendmail bigot, but the ease
 with which I can get perl to interact with sendmail
 to do what I want is something that I have not been able to
 do with NT.... Admittedly, I did not try very hard....

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