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Re: [pro] Emails delivered twice

2008-05-15 07:51:30
On Thu, 15 May 2008, Alistair McDonald wrote:
.... I get them all forwarded to a single pop3 mailbox and pick them up
via fetchmail.

Begging pardon, but are 'TESTDIR/name' mailboxes or not? Doesn't really
change things, but this is a confusing comment to make when you are
clearly delivering to multiple mailboxes.... If you meant that all *input*
to procmail was from a single mailbox, that makes sense, but still doesn't
contribute to the issue.

1: the DEFAULT processing is hit, but it shouldn't be

I'm not an expert on those ?? condtions, but they look 'wrong' somehow.
I've no idea what the line of "^^^^" means....

Just the same, why not just skip setting the variables and test for the
original conditions?

2: ALISTAIR gets one copy of the email, but MANDY gets two, and GARTH gets

Either you have mis-quoted your procmailrc or your recipe is designed to
only delive to ONE recipient, thus the multiples are somehow being created
*before* you get to procmail, or perhaps you have a system level RC file
*and* a user-level RC file messing up your testing.... 

- Charles

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