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Re: Emails delivered twice

2008-05-16 03:28:06
Dear all

Sorry for no individual replies; I subscribed to the digest, so I got all
the replies at 11:00 BST today.

Thanks for the comments.
I think the mesasge is pretty clear that this is not a procmail job.

I do have two choices, the first is to become the MX for my domain, and
the second is to use seperate pop3 accounts for the other users, and run
fetchmail for them into their accounts. I can set up a job to monitor for
"stuck" fetchmail/pop3 interactions if needed.

Thanks for your help, everyone!

Alistair (I'll stay on-list for a week or two, then unsubscribe)

Alistair McDonald, InRevo Ltd (
Author of the SpamAssassin book: (
Tel: 07017 467 396 (Office) / 07812 829 020 (Mobile)

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