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Re: Moving from mbox to Maildir

2009-02-25 08:04:41
* LuKreme <kremels(_at_)kreme(_dot_)com> [02-25-09 01:39]:
I am thinking about moving my old uw-imap accounts to Courier (where  
most of my mail accounts live) and converting all the accounts to  
Maildir.  before I reinvent the wheel, has someone already written a  
mbox -> maildir program or procmail script?

Mutt can read/write either.  Open the mbox file([s] in mutt, tag each
message and copy them to the new box as /home/{user}/Mail/{box-name}/.
Set "folder" in .muttrc as /home/user/Mail/ first.  Note trailing

And what sorts of issues am I going to run into?

none for mail.

But there are also direct conversion apps available, google.

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