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Re: Moving from mbox to Maildir

2009-02-25 15:10:09
On 25-Feb-2009, at 10:10, Dallman Ross wrote:
formail -s procmail -m DEFAULT=/path/to/maildir/folder/ /dev/null < mbox

That syntax doesn't appear to work as it returns a rcfile not found error.

I was messing about with something like this:

for i in `find Mail.mbox/ -type f `
formail +1 -fs procmail < $i

Testing it now to see how it does. Then, of course, I have to clean all my .procmailrc and releated files, and then figure out how to move from uw-imap to Courier for the shell users when I already have Courier setup for virtual users.

This is gonna take a while, I fear.

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