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Re: [spf-discuss] SPF -all domain survey

2007-12-10 09:27:06

--On 10 December 2007 16:01:44 +0100 Alex van den Bogaerdt <alex(_at_)ergens(_dot_)op(_dot_)het(_dot_)net> wrote:

You wrote "... and are safe from email forgery."

This is too optimistic (unfortunately).

SPF will only work if both ends of the email transaction are using it,
meaning if a receiver does not use SPF, it will just accept the email.

Well, yes, but I suspect that the whole purpose of the site is to help managers of sites receiving email to determine whether it's worth using SPF to either filter or score email. There's probably a general feeling in the postmaster community that too few sites do so to make it worthwhile.

This web site makes it clear that there are plenty of domains publishing strong SPF policies.

Hopefully this will encourage postmasters to respect the policies, and that in turn will encourage more domains to publish them, in a virtuous circle.

It's definitely a valuable site. It could be more useful with better explanation of how postmasters can configure their mail systems to respect the policies, in a realistic manner that won't upset their customers (for example, by allowing individuals to opt out in the event that they have mail forwarding).

Quite often these are also the receivers which will accept a message,
detect a virus or spam in it, and then "return" it to the "sender".

Ian Eiloart
IT Services, University of Sussex

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