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[spf-discuss] Re: Google NOT rejecting on SPF Fail.

2007-12-28 12:55:41
Steven F Siirila wrote:

Two assumptions are being made here.  First, that ALL mail is
being forwarded.

Yes, POP3 polling vs. forwarding is "pull" instead of "push",
it also avoids the SPF problem with "traditional forwarding".

When the "forwarder" is actually a "redistributor" rewriting
the envelope sender address, then POP3 "pull" has no advantage.

Second, that the account being forwarded is ONLY used for 

Otherwise giving your password to a 3rd party would be a bad
idea, sure.  E.g. for T-online (a division of T-Com) giving
your password away would violate their AUP - and likely it
won't work, their normal POP3 accounts can be used only when
you're logged into their network:  T-Online is an ISP, not
only an e-mail provider. 


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