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Re: [spf-discuss] Re: Google NOT rejecting on SPF Fail.

2007-12-28 05:50:08

Julian Mehnle wrote:
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Frank Ellermann wrote:
Julian Mehnle wrote:
Frank, can you please update your "Google" page on the SPF website?
Yeah, later, I'll replace my reject example by your evidence in

I'd rather just say that "GMail does not reject on SPF Fail but uses it in their spam decision". Something like that. Forget the evidence -- given the facts, it's of little interest.
No, please don't "forget the evidence". Leave it there, somewhere, perhaps a link to the detail evidence on a separate page to reduce clutter. But things can change, and so the claim based on current evidence must be documented as substantiated because after all systems are subject to change without notice.



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