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[spf-discuss] Re: Google NOT rejecting on SPF Fail.

2007-12-28 13:02:40
Julian Mehnle wrote:

the current "claim" isn't based on empirical evidence such as
a few SMTP transactions.

Your header showing an accepted FAIL with correct SPF-Received
and Authentication-Results is as good as my old "reject" log.

do we really want to create a list of case studies for all
the big ESPs out there including detailed evidence for their
SPF-related behavior?  If not, why do so for Google/GMail?

Google attracted my attention when they "forged" my SPF FAIL
protected @xyzzy address associated with my Google account
(before I had a Gmail address) in a mail to GMX, where it was
immediately rejected (GMX rejects SPF FAIL when you want it).

It ended up as bounce in my @xyzzy catch-all mailbox, no harm
done, and I signed up for a Gmail address to avoid this issue.

After that experience I tried to figure out what they actually
do with SPF, as a generally interesting non-trivial example.
Not as "SPF showcase" of course, that would be GMX.


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