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Re[2]: yet another way to indicate related MIME body parts

1993-10-26 06:57:49
 In <9310260001(_dot_)AA18690(_at_)Mordor(_dot_)Stanford(_dot_)EDU> Dave 
Crocker <dcrocker(_at_)mordor(_dot_)stanford(_dot_)edu> writes:

    ---- Included message:

    Actually, I'm not sure I understand the difference between having a start
    parameter that can indicate any body part, and always having "start" be t
    first body part (as in header-set).

Only the most obvious distinction comes to mind.  Header-set has an
extremely small look-ahead requirement.  Since the start parameter can
be on *any* of the body parts and the length of each part is arbitrary,
look-ahead can be painful.

Our implementation makes a look-ahead through an entire message a less-
than-efficient and potentially annoyingly slow prospect. I like the idea
of a header-set or at least a first-body-part containing the reference info...

                                            -Chris Bartram

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