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Re: yet another way to indicate related MIME body parts

1993-10-26 08:00:13
As usual, Ned has stated the case more clearly than I managed to. 
Thanks, Ned. 

Excerpts from mail: 25-Oct-93 RE: yet another way to indi.. Ned
Freed(_at_)INNOSOFT(_dot_)COM (8738*) 

The two major 
 proposals I see being affected are multipart/appledouble and 

Don't forget multipart/enabled-mail. 

    Nor does multipart/header-set offer any advantage over simply defining 
    multipart/whatever. I'm sorry, but the added semantics of "these things 
    are related somehow" don't impress either me or the gateways I write. I 
    don't know how to deal with such nebulous semantics meaningfully. 

Note also that if you see multipart/foobar, it's probably safe to assume
that the parts are related somehow, so it can be argued that there are
no added semantics anyway. 

Keith's was the first proposal of this kind that had any appeal to me at
all, but I'm now back where I was, and where Ned is -- seeing virtually
no advantage to these proposals, and a considerable downside.  -- NB 

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