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Re: yet another way to indicate related MIME body parts

1993-10-26 09:12:53

I'd like to join you and others in a discussion of multipart/
{header, related, reference, etc.}  at Houstion.  Unfortunately,
I'll only be there on Mon and Tue.

The mime-sgml proposal (a multipart/foo approach) uses a header
"Content-Reference:" to make the internal file references visible.
I could use Keith's proposal as well.  I haven't read the header-set
proposal as yet.

A design goal (unstated naturally ;-) of the mime-sgml proposal is to
be able to use existing, MIME ignorant, software to do the SGML
processing.  There has to be some middleware software that understands
enough SGML to rebind the MIME parts to the receiver's file system names.
I can see how to do this in a number of ways; I intend to build the
middleware using the existing MIME software; the middleware is, in
part, a MIME UA that just stores the body parts and then invokes the
"real" application.


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