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Re: Fw: requested tweak to 2822upd grammar

2008-09-07 02:09:37

At 15:24 03-09-2008, Tony Hansen wrote:
I'm passing this message on to the 822 list for vetting.

Alexey Melnikov wrote:
> I realize that this might be too late now, but I've suggested this
> before and got no response. And I hope this is not controversial for
> AUTH48:
> Can we please redefine the msg-id in section 3.6.4:
> msg-id          =   [CFWS] "<" id-left "@" id-right ">" [CFWS]
> to be:
> msg-id          =   [CFWS] "<" msg-id-core ">" [CFWS]
> msg-id-core     =   id-left "@" id-right
> This way other documents can reference the thing inside <> more
> easily.

This change is strictly an arrangement of the ABNF and does not affect
either the intent of the document nor what's on the wire.

msg-id is imported from RFC 2822 in several USEFOR and URI I-Ds. Although this change does not affect the document, it might be viewed as controversial if it affects the other I-Ds.