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Re: Fw: requested tweak to 2822upd grammar - consensus call

2008-09-29 15:48:38

On 9/27/08 at 5:42 PM -0400, Tony Hansen wrote:

The outcome from the consensus call was that 1) it should only be done if it did not perturb AUTH48, and 2) if it's done, its name should be msg-id-kernel instead of msg-id-core. At the time, you indicated a willingness to do it as part of AUTH48.

If you're now uneasy about doing it, that's fine: don't do it. **It's not worth slowing things down at this point.**

Unless I hear absolute screams of horror (and direct answers to the questions I asked in my previous message), I plan to skip this change and tell the RFC Editor to go ahead in the next 4 hours.

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