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3. Requirements - Anonimity (was Re: FW: [Asrg] 0. General)

2003-10-24 13:29:31
Brad Knowles wrote:
At 4:01 PM -0400 2003/10/22, David Maxwell wrote:

 If the choice is between 'all mail servers are open, and all users must
 accept spam' and 'mail servers authenticate connections in some way, and
 activists need to create their own infrastructure to get messages out' -
 I'll pick the second.

Would you be willing to bet your life on that? The life of your family and friends? Would you be willing to have them tortured to death while you watch, because you made this bet?

This reminds me of some relatives and their KGB stories :) In any case, the need for privacy and anonymity is so engrained within the Internet and IETF/IRTF culture, that sometimes it is hard to explain it to someone else since it is so basic. In fighting spam, if privacy and anonimity is touched, it needs to be explained why and how far. A very careful balance must be struck between privacy, anonimity and the need to authenticate people. For example, no need exists to autheticate individuals if servers can be authenticated, etc.

Further, someone else at the IETF has once told that privacy and anonimity are considered core values of the IETF, and that
things could get Orwellian really fast if privacy is surrendered; and
anonymity is a fundamental component of privacy.


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