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RE: mostly open issues

1998-11-12 01:40:19
| > In any case, my principal point was that the "forward" action should not
| > always insert "Resent-" headers.  I suggested that another
| action, "resend",
| > be defined to apply this semantic.
| I would object to that.  Having two different actions, with almost
| identical semantics, seems to me to be a bad idea.  It will lead to
| user confusion, and users will use the wrong one.

If you do not wish to add a new action, then please do not add unwanted
semantics to the existing action.  The "forward" action should do simply
that: forward email; it should not *also* insert headers.  If I want to
insert headers, I'll arrange to do so myself.

If the "forward" action always insert headers, then it cannot be used to
forward mail without modification.  There _are_ users that do not wish to
have additional headers inserted as a part of a forwarding.  So, there must
be an action that provides the "forwarding-without-modification" or the
Sieve rules become useless for this usage.

What is the issue with a "resend" action?  I do not think these definitions
will confuse users:

        Resend -- insert "Resent-" headers and then forward.
        Forward -- forward the message (without modification).

Given these definitions, users have a clear choice of behaviour.

Alan K. Stebbens <alan(_dot_)stebbens(_at_)software(_dot_)com>

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