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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-daboo-sieve-include-03.txt (fwd)

2005-08-29 06:04:22

Thinking some more, Kjetil's one-liner about variable scope in the
variables draft makes perfect sense in the context of there being only one
file in a script. It is the include draft that adds more files, and more
potential scopes, and so in the include draft this should be explained and
accounted for.

I withdraw my complaint about the scope detail in the variables draft :-)

I am also totally happy with this too.  :o)

It's slightly unfortunate that the term "global variable" in the variables 
draft may end up meaning "file scope" in the context of variables+include, but 
I agree that it's not a major issue, and it's not worth holding up the 
variables draft for.