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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-daboo-sieve-include-03.txt (fwd)

2005-08-26 07:04:30

Hi Nigel,

--On August 26, 2005 2:44:29 PM +0100 Nigel Swinson <Nigel(_dot_)Swinson(_at_)rockliffe(_dot_)com> wrote:

I don't think we need ":global", and it would be confusing to use.

I consider PHP a very mature scripting language and I consider thier
scoping rules very well thought out most likely very carefully discussed.
After using the language for several years I haven't really found fault
with them.  It make me think it's worth copying what they have done.  And

I think Aaron and I are suggesting:

Set file scope variable
    set "var" "Hello Kitty";

Set global scope variable, where global affects all scripts that come
into existance with the include spec     set :global "var" "Hello Kitty";

Set local scope variable, where local affects the current and nested
command block (filescope if not currently in a control block.)  (would
doubt would ever be used)     set :local "var" "Hello Kitty";

And Kjetil seems to disagree.  Anybody else out there have any opinions?

I do think the security concerns that Nigel brought up are valid. As such there does need to be a way for script authors to prevent their variables from being used either in an included script or by the scripts that include it. A simple solution to that would be a ":private" and ":public" scoping where ":private" means file scope only. The default is ":public" scope.

One thing with scoping that we also have to be concerned with is handling errors. What if a script attempts to use a ":private" variable from another script? Should that be a run-time or activation time error? Or should sieve do something sensible, e.g. make the new variable ":private" too? It would probably be better to have errors at activation time. In fact I would also suggest having warnings at activation time to warn of variables from one file being used in another, if the user wants to know about it.

Cyrus Daboo

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