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2003-04-21 09:33:23

Try w3c (SOAP 1.2)

see inline

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Sent: Monday, April 21, 2003 10:54 AM
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Subject: RE: SOAP and OCP


      Can you point me to specific specs describing "binary" 
(opaque, really) data transfer capability of SOAP (or XML)?

      Also, you mentioned previously that we should consider 
SOAP because web services use SOAP. I would like to make that 
statement more precise so that we can evaluate this 
advantage. If OCP is built on top of SOAP, do you expect any 
existing web services to be able to act as callout servers 
"as is", without _any_ modifications? Or do you expect 
modification of existing services to support OCP-over-SOAP to 
be "easier" than similar modification to support OCP-over-notSOAP?

Yes, web services uses SOAP and this will allow OPES to be plugged into that
area (as opposed to be a competitor).
The short answere to your question about modifications is Yes. By definition
a web services once discovered and its description is obatianed is
immediatly interoperable.
On the otherhand, a schema of OCP can be written that could be used by the
web services server that he will use to become an OPES Callout server.

      Thank you for the other two clarifications. It looks 
like BEEP provides similar features with respect to the 
transport protocol selection and even better (more direct) 
features for connection state management.


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