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Re: SOAP and OCP

2003-04-22 16:09:23

Alex Rousskov wrote:

Instead, I would suggest that the WG encourages Abbie to write a "how
to use SOAP as an OPES callout protocol" draft, supplying OPES
implementors with an explicit OCP alternative. All WG documents
(including those documenting tracing and bypass mechanisms) will have
to make sure that no specific callout protocol is assumed in a general
OPES context.

Any objections or further comments?

Having a document discussing the usage of SOAP as the OPES callout protocol is fine (indeed, I believe there was a now expired, individual ID about this a while ago). However, I'd like to hit the brake on going down the path of specifying multiple OPES callout protocols.

Let's focus on getting "an" OCP - with the appropriate transport binding(s) and application binding(s) - done. We're chartered to specify a callout protocol, and not a suite of possible callout protocols. There might be multiple alternatives, and we'll have to decide which is the best one.

If there's a real need for having multiple callout protocols, let's have a discussion and see whether there's WG consensus to do so. Otherwise, I'd suggest we focus on getting a single callout protocol done right, and base the companion documents around this protocol.

Leaving too many options seems like a simple way to overcome controversy and to make everybody happy, but it might not always be the best choice in technical design.


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