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Re: Do we need SMTP compliance?

2005-03-10 09:28:47

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Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 10:35 AM
Subject: Re: Do we need SMTP compliance?

As I understand the arguments pro and con:

Pro:  Rejecting messages with errors in the SMTP commands will
eliminate most spam.
Con:  Spammers can correct these errors, and will do so as soon as the
need arises.

I've probably missed something, but please restate the arguments
(briefly), so we can start with the right understanding.

The Pro argument isn't true.  The Con argument is.

There's no need to have a discussion with people who don't know what
the hell they are talking about, and who are so convinced of their own
superior knowledge that they cannot learn anything.  Spam is not the
only kind of mail that should be discarded without reading it.

Keith you have no proof in your statements.  You speak mainly on conjecture.
Show the proof in each?

I have proof SMTP compliancy works, and it doesn't take much of a brain to
realize that.

The issue is the impact it will have and even if adaptation does occur, it
can be a benefit, not a negative.

You are showing nothing, Keith.


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