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Re: slow email validation problems (was reject vs bounce)

2005-09-14 02:38:35

At 22:49 13/09/2005, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
I'm thinking of generating '250-please wait' multiline response lines
every 30 seconds or so whilst the message is being processed, with a
final '250 OK' or '550 message rejected because of ...' line.

hmm.... "scaling is the ultimate problem", says Mike O'Dell.

If you take 30 seconds to accept a message, and have the default Postfix process limit of 100, you can accept up to 300 messages a minute - or an average of 5 per second.

Hmm, but what about RFC 2821 section - which says that after 'DATA termination' (which is what we're talking about) - the timeout SHOULD be 10 minutes...

That's what the RFC says.

If you're saying that Postfix can't handle that, so that it NEEDS to have the timeout there set to 30 seconds or less, then all I can say is Hmmm...

Paul                            VPOP3 - Internet Email Server/Gateway

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