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Re: There is at least one email server without MX RR but AAAA RR we all know

2008-04-04 11:37:37

At 6:58 PM +0200 4/4/08, Michael Storz wrote:
Now, we can speculate

- Is the missing MX RR by intention?

Yes. Is there an email address at that you wanted to send mail to.

- Is the administrator clueless?


- Is he lazy?

Often times.

- Is it just a configuration error ( instead of

No. has an MX record, and has for over a decae.

or we could just ask Paul Hoffman :-)

Or, you can be more specific. What is the problem of a host that is never expected to be on the RHS of an email address expected to have an MX record? That's an honest question, given that it has been over 12 years with the current setup.