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2009-01-28 16:45:12

2009/1/28 Paul Smith <paul(_at_)pscs(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk>:

To me, it was (initially) 'clear' that the example saying 'such as the
argument to the EHLO command', was precise enough to imply that the fact
that the EHLO command was sent should not be discarded. It could have
said 'such as the EHLO command', but it went out of its way to say '*the
argument to* the EHLO command'.

But the 'domain' argument to the EHLO command is mandatory (RFC1869
S4.2). So a server state of having received a valid EHLO but not
knowing what the domain argument is, is not attainable under 1869. I
don't believe 3207's intent is to introduce that state as valid after


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