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Re: [AKO Warning - Message fails DKIM verification] Re: Requesting comments on draft-cheney-safe-02.txt

2009-08-12 20:55:51

What they're saying (and I agree) is that the solution you've come up
with is unlikely to gain much attention -- or implementation.

Specifically, why?  How is that a technology concern for a standards

Standards development is very labor intensive, and most of the people
who do IETF standards are volunteers working in our spare time.  We
don't have enough volunteer time to update the standards already in
global use, much less to invent new ones, and it just isn't a sensible
use of limited resources to work on stuff that's not likely to be

You will also find that proposals that have working implementations,
at least as prototypes, get a lot more respect than purely paper
designs.  (We have an unlimited supply of those, see for example the
endless e-postage proposals in the ASRG and elsewhere.)  If you think
your plan is workable, get some people to implement it and see how
it works.


PS: If this seems to give an unfair advantage to people with software
development skills, I think that's deliberate.

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