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2009-08-13 03:07:54

Cheney, Edward A SSG RES USAR USARC wrote:

> John,
> I have already written the only  known markup language for email
> and defined a programmatic object in this specification.

For people who have been in the mail business for a very long time, that is a pretty broad claim. At best, you have a specific mail markup language probably based on XML, but certainly there is existing prior art (like our system). Markus Analysis guidelines applies so there could not be any new claims against existing practices (prior art).

There are a variety of mail representations. Including XML based, there are other forms as well. A JSON format could be considered more optimized for wire-data, and this does exist and done after a XML version was tested and pushed aside.

In short, there is nothing new here.


Hector Santos

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