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Re: Requesting comments on draft-cheney-safe-02.txt

2009-08-13 11:15:14


This has become an absolutely horrific experience that has long since
left the field of argument.  I believe I am certainly coming away with
less than I have originally began with and simultaneously nothing has
benefited the IETF.  Some of the persons here have been quite helpful
asking questions about the relevance of the idea or criticizing the
langauge in the draft.  At the same others seem more interested in some
unspoken self-interest that has nothing to do with the technical merits
of my idea, this process, or the IETF.

I have already come to the conclusion earlier today to retract from a
general submission.  I have already emailed the area directors of the
security area to see if this idea may fall into their scope of drafts.
If they believe my draft does not fall into the scope of their area I
will complete retract from the IETF.

While I began with hopes of refining an idea that may or may not be
accepted through refinement of the process I have instead found
arguments that have been far closer to criticisms of myself than of the
technology.  I attempted to steer the conversation back towards the
draft, but instead faced more of the same.  I cannot explain the
motivation for what appears to be a rather focused and determined
attempt to disuade this draft on behalf of a rather few individuals.

The respect for the process I once held on such high esteem is waning as
I have been handed a rather bitter experience.  I do understand this
experience is likely not representative of the norm or the majority of
individuals who commonly contribute.  Even though, if a proposed idea is
so unpopular that if demands the technology be ignored in favor of
future postulations and personal criticisms then something has gone very
badly and something in the process has broken.

Thank you,

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